Inner Strength Fitness - Deborah Peterson  
Get motivated

My goal is to help you find your “switch.” Sustainable self-motivation is the key to long-term health and fitness.

Get educated

Learn how your body works and reacts. Find the most effective program for your goals and lifestyle.

Make a change

See results with a customized exercise program. You deserve to be healthy, happy, and fit. Are you ready to make a change?

Deborah Peterson M.S.
Certified Personal Trainer
Austin, Texas

Deborah is a certified personal trainer based in central Austin. She specializes in working with individuals seeking a dramatic change in their fitness level, body image, and life.


Exercise and Wellness
Master of Science
Arizona State University Graduate School

Exercise Science and Physical Education
Bachelor of Science
Arizona State University


Physical Fitness Specialist
Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research

Health Promotion Director
Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research

Spinning Instructor
Madd Dogg Athletics

American Heart Association


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